Celebrate Music SA!

Although Jay Estrada seems young, this up and coming San Antonio musician is an old soul and a seasoned guitar player. When he was ten years old, Jay picked up the guitar for the very first time.  At sixteen, Jay began taking professional vocal lessons. A year later, he started playing the bass.

What was his inspiration for making music? “The impact music has on the world,” says Estrada. “I love writing music, I believe it’s the lyrics within songs that connect humanity.  Many of us share similar situations in life.  Many of us face similar mishaps. I have always wanted to write music that connects people.”
Jay attended NW Vista College before beginning classes at the University of Texas in San Antonio in the Fall of 2016. Jay understands that to be successful in the music industry, he must be as versatile as possible. He is studying music but is actually a Finance Major.  “I would love to make music my full time job but let’s face it, it’s not a steady source of income. It’s my goal to explore ways to combine my background in Finance with Music.  Through college and at the start of my career in Finance, I plan on writing music and playing music. I plan on learning from those around me and then…kick start my own business.”



San Antonio Music Month