San Antonio Music Month

Celebrate Music SA!

NOAH PETERSON grew up as the youngest son of band director in Billings, Montana. "Montana is not exactly a very musical place." states Noah. Still, Noah decided to take some piano lessons which eventually led him to play in the school band and sing in the choir. Later, Noah enlisted in the USMC and served a tour in the Marines as a saxophonist in the band. "After that, I moved to Portland, OR got a degree in music from a small college and have been playing all kinds of music ever since: jazz, blues, funk, gospel, zydeco, reggae, folk, rock, avant-garde, classical, electronic, etc.... Music has been my job, my love, my life for all of my life. Mostly I play sax. But I play other winds, whistles, hand percussion, I'm a great zydeco rub-board player, I can play some keys and do a little singing here and there." states Noah.

Noah is producer, composer, musician's rights advocate, and music industry consultant. "I have a one-man loop station show that I tour across the U.S. and produce festivals in Seattle, Portland, Southern California, Las Vegas, Denver, Austin, and 've stared a new festival "The San Antonio LoopFest" a performance art showcase of music and technology. Although I've only been in San Antonio a couple of years, I feel very connected here. I've been on local TV and Radio. I've performed at Luminaria, Fiesta, Six Flags, a lot of the local rock clubs and all over Central Texas. I've joined the production team for Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio: a compilation project featuring local bands that I got coast-to-coast airplay on college radio stations. I've signed several bands to my label and have helped about a dozen musicians in town with getting paid royalties for their musical efforts. I've joined a couple of great local groups: La Chichada and West Kings Highway and am helping them revamp their projects and get new recordings out." says Noah. "I've partnered with Phillip Luna to produce a couple of records with other artists in town; most notably a new solo project with Garret T. Capps as well as helping Phil to market his older catalog and promote his group, The Please Help. I also host a regularWednesday night at J&O's Cantina featuring mostly looping artists and musical friends of mine. I love the music business, I love getting down with great musicians, I love San Antonio. I think this town has a great music scene that is supported by a music loving community. I'm thrilled to be a part of it and feel like y'all have embraced me as one of your own. I hope to continue these efforts of helping bands be better, make more money, and raise the musical profile of San Antonio outside of Texas. I'm hoping more musicians will take advantage of the mechanisms available to them to spread their music and get paid for it."